Like you, we’re concerned about COVID-19 and are watching the situation closely. We’re also resolved to meet these challenging times in ways that continue to do what we do best – We’re going to  help you and your family enjoy a comfortable living space.


Is it safe to remodel right now?

With K2, it is. Here’s why:

  • Residential remodeling never takes more than 10 people. Social distancing requirements are easily observed by every member of our team. In fact, we’ve catalogued every job related task we perform, looking to eliminate any unnecessary risks, and found that our normal workflows already observe these guidelines with little adjustments.
  • We are observing all Governor’s guidance and the NAICS Code. We want you to be as confident as we are that the people working in your home are there to do a specific job efficiently and effectively. Exposure will be limited.
  • Meanwhile, we have a deep roster of expert craftspeople. Know that your remodel will be on-schedule and as-expected.
  • Roads are clear, gas is inexpensive, building officials are expediting permits and other processes more quickly than ever, and homeowners are more available. All of that helps our work for you get done even more quickly and efficiently.

Is it safe to invest in a project with K2 right now?


  • K2 is a construction company, making us part of a sector that has been deemed by the Governor to be CRITICAL. It’s vital that this industry remain robust and operational. We will do our part.
  • We have a rock-solid financial foundation that includes a 6-month “after tax” cash reserve, zero debt, and excellent, treasured banking relationships. In fact, we started K2 in 2009, in the thick of the Great Recession, and from day one we’ve included fiscal strategy among our core values.
  • Our staff has been briefed and are moving out into the field with absolute confidence that their jobs and livelihood are secure. The confidence that comes with job security makes it possible for them to execute this difficult work at an extremely high level. The K2 team is strong and healthy and fully prepared to make and keep our commitments.
  • You have earned a beautiful opportunity to invest in your home through careful saving and wise investment into your home’s value. We think it’s only right that you expect your contracting partner to be equally responsible.

As the situation around us changes quickly, K2 is uniquely positioned to respond quickly – and with your continued support, we will. As ever, our first concerns are you, your wellness, and your home, and our dedication to those things remains uncompromising. We encourage you to keeping dreaming big – we’re here to help you make those dreams a reality.


Yours in Community,

Chad Kerrison


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