Getting Started

Getting Started – The Consultation

  Our designer will first inspect the project with you, gain an understanding of how you interact with the space and assemble the “building blocks” of your remodel.
Next we will discuss your expectations and put a road map together to ensure they are exceeded.
We bring our selection guides and sample kits into your home and we put a design board together right at your kitchen table free of charge.  There is no need for time consuming and frustrating shopping trips.
Lastly, we wrap the proposal up and give you a guaranteed price in writing.

Budget Planning

How much does a Bathroom or Kitchen remodel cost? The best way to answer this question is, “it depends upon who you hire!”  A well-executed remodel isn’t supposed to be cheap, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat mac n’ cheese for the rest of the year either.  Everyone knows that a new bathroom or kitchen is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home (the typical K2 customer can expect an 80–90%, day one return on a well-executed project). Returns typically diminish however once cost exceed 8% of the home’s value on a single bathing system project, 11% on a dual bathing system project and 18% on a complete kitchen remodel. If however, an additional investment is allocated to well-executed optional upgrades, the “value gap” can often be justified by the enjoyment these upgrades bring you as you experience living in your newly remodeled home.

Bottom-line, K2 is committed to being a fair price provider.  At the end of each consultation, our designer will break out a number of optional operations in an effort to pinpoint the project that represents the best overall value for YOU.  At this point, it will be our goal to help you identify a responsible level of investment.  This coaching session is designed to help you create as much value relative to cost as possible and ultimately to increase the probability of us working together.  At K2 we understand that the best way to sustain and grow our business is to keep our customers saying good things about us.  Providing them with an exceptional overall value creates a lasting positive impression.  The bottom line is, that we have a number of outstanding and innovative opportunities to help you save a significant amount of money on your project and we can’t wait to share them with you. K2 is just a phone call away.

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